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August 27, 2007

I am going to be moving my blog to a different place. It will be at http://transplantmommy.blogspot.com so if you want to stay on top of my coming and going and my thoughts and so on, go see it.


Reality Check

August 27, 2007

For the past 18 days we have lived on edge with the unknown regarding the miners. At first everyone’s question was “Where are they?” and as the days went on that question seemed to fade away and new ones took its place. “Are we ever going to get their bodies out?” “Is the mine safe to go into and do a rescue?” “Are they alive?” “What can be done to find out what happened?” So many questions and so little answers and so little information.

Now the harsh reality check is— When is it enough and when is it time to move on? My answer to that is this —Now.  It has been 18 days since this whole tragedy started and it is time to let the healing begin not only for those directly involved but for the whole community as well.  The things I have to say are to the point and are not meant to demean the situation or the feelings, but they are things that need to be said and dealt with.

I am really irritated with the families of the miners right now. I understand that their loved ones are in the mine and I understand that is hard but this is where the reality check comes in. Do you really think that those guys are still alive? Do you really think that they ever made it past the initial cave-in and the concussion of the cave-in? What do you think you will find when you get in there IF you can get in there?

So here is my reality check for people. Every hole that has been drilled has come back with results that the area could not sustain human life. there is little oxygen and no food and a TON of coal. There is no way that those men are down there alive and there bodies are underneath that pile of coal that everybody is seeing.

To send rescuers in there is RIDICULOUS it is way too unsafe. Going in underground just isn’t going to happen and to drill a hole in 2000 feet of rock, dirt and more coal isn’t going to happen either. That mountain is moving and there are bumps or bounces recorded all of the time. To send somebody down in a capsule would take WAY too long. It would take weeks to drill the hole, it would take 1 hour to lower somebody down into the mine and 1 hour to pull them up. They only have 3 hours worth of air and going down they have to have full mine rescue gear on. Some had asked how long it would take to build a capsule that would fit more than one person, Are you SERIOUS? You have to BUILD a whole new capsule that would take months! And then what happens if the mountain moves while you have somebody down there and then they become stranded also. Do you really want to chance that? The mountain is moving enough that the holes that have been drilled are already caving in and crumbling.

I understand that they want their loved ones out, but sometimes you don’t always get that luxury. The people who had loved ones killed on September 11 wanted their loved ones also, but there was no way they could since some of them basically disintegrated. There are families that have sent loved ones off to war and never heard from them again. They wouldn’t be the first people to never get their loved ones back and the won’t be the last. I agree that Mr. Murray should never have said what he said about getting the miners our dead or alive, but that was said at a time when rescuers had not been killed because of the instability of a mine.

My point is this, I know that the families want their loved ones back, but by acting the way that they are they are telling the members of those rescuers who died that their sacrifice just wasn’t enough and they want more. What more is there to give?

Now I have one comment to these people that are putting togather benefits to raise money for the families. A lot of them are having cowboy poetry for the entertainment so they need to listen closely: Just because we live in hickville does not mean that everybody enjoys cowboy poetry! I know that all of them read my blog so I am sure that they will no longer plan these types of events.


Wordless Wednesday

August 21, 2007

For more Wordless Wednesday photos go here.



August 21, 2007

As I have been going through this hard time without Josh here, I want to says thanks to everyone who has been supportive of me and been there to talk to.

My mom and dad has helped with the kids for the little bit that I have worked last week. Now I have to find a babysitter on the 2 1/2 days that I work. It has helped tremendously that they have let us live with them and to take over their house when we are here. I do my best to clean up after the kids, but Kayden and Koy are pretty bad with making things a mess again.

I am glad that Nicky came and helped with the kids for the short little while in Salt Lake. I was at my whits end and she made it bearable for that last night with them. I hope that she is going to be willing this weekend to help a little also because today has been a hard one!

Nancy called me the other day and said “I don’t like it that you are working now because I can’t find you. I called the house and I called your work and I called your cell phone and I can’t find you.” I am glad that I have a good relationship with my sisters and to know that I am able to talk to them and just listen or that I can call them and they will just listen is nice. We haven’t always been that way, but we have been lately and it is nice. So to all of you that have taken the time to help me or offer your help and even to just listen I say Thank You. You never know when your little acts of kindness really impact somebody or make somebody’s day.


What a Crazy Week

August 18, 2007

Our life has been way crazy this last week. Going back to work, even though it is part-time, has really been something that we have needed to adjust to. I am going to have to get a routine going or else I am going to scream.

Lexi is getting ready to go to school and so she hasn’t wanted to do anything this week but watch T.V. She is really going to need to do some things to help out around the house today and from now on with me working. I don’t know if she is as excited about school as I am, but I just can’t wait! It really gives her something to do besides stay home and make messes.

Kayden has turned into a terrible two almost three year old. He has done nothing but tease Lexi and Koy to no end and he doesn’t go to bed when he should anymore. I have to lay down next to him in order for him to fall asleep which really sucks. He has a great personality and is such a softy. We went to the football game lastnight (more on that in a minute) and he did not want to stay there. He wanted to go home as soon as we got there. He is scared to be around a lot of people but I take him with us because he needs to get over that fear. We went to the wave pool yesterday because the Early Intervention program had reserved the pool so we got to fo for free, but it started to lightening and thunder and rain and so we didn’t have the most enjoyable time. They did agree to let us come back again at no charge since we didn’t get to have a lot of fun.

Koy is walking!!!!! Can you believe it. 10 months old and walking. He also has a cruddy cold which has turned into an ear infection and probably an eye infections because his eyes are draining like crazy. He is also getting his top teeth in so he is just plain miserable. Needless to say between Kayden and Koy I haven’t gotten much sleep this past week.

We went to the Emery High Football game lastnight and it was really neat. Channel 2 flew down in their helicopter to deliver the game ball. They landed the helicopter on the field for a minute while Dave Fox got out and then the helicopter went and landed on the softball field for part of the game. They delivered the ball to Brandon Phillips little 5 year old boy. Brandon is one of the miners that is trapped in the mine. Then the Spartan captains gave him a big truck for him to keep. The other neat thing is that the Duchesne team presented a check in the amount of $1600 to donate to the miners families. It was really a neat experience.

Then we have also had the unfortunate experience of 3 miners getting killed trying to rescue the trapped miners. It was such an unfortunate accident. One of the people who was working at the time of the recent accident was Jason Bell. Jason’s dad Phillip was killed in the Wilberg Mine disaster in 1984. Jason made it out, but from what I am hearing he may have some hearing issues due to the explosion that happened underground. I am sure that his mother is just beside herself with everything that is going and that it is bringing back terrible memories of when the Wilber Mine caught on fire. Hopefully everyone in Emery County can get closure to this terrible accident quickly so that we can start to heal and the investigation can begin soon so questions can be answered.

I am off to get things cleaned up and put in place so that this next week will run a little more smoothly for us.


Wordless Wednesday

August 14, 2007

I am posting a couple of pictures to make up for the miss last week.

Pray for the miners families. Pray that they will feel peace of Heavenly Father’s arms around them in this hard time. To see more WW go here.

This is Orangeville.

Orangeville Again

 This memorial was built after the Wilber Mine Disaster in the 1980’s. But it is very appropriate for the circumstances today.

He has got this down pat, no training here. If only he knew how to read!

Here is Thor the dog in his dress!


My New Job

August 14, 2007

I have had people email me privately saying that I am a good writer and I should do something about it. Well, that may be coming to fruition. I can write articles for the Emery County Progress now. Tomorrow night is my first assignment. I am going to go and cover the Hope Concert, or something like that, in Huntington in support of the trapped miners. I will get to go and take lots of pictures and get paid for it. I will be working around 20 hours a week and it could be more if I want more. I am really excited and I will let everyone know when my first pictures and article hits the newstands!

Koy is SO close to walking. He is right on schedule with Lexi’s development. She started walking around 9-10 months of age and that is where Koy is at right now. I am sure that he will be taking steps within the next few days and will be walking by the time he has his birthday. The video camera is going to be handy the next few days and weeks.

Only one more week until school starts! I am so excited because then Lexi will have something to do and we can get into some sort of routine with her school and my work. Kayden will be starting pre-school through the district for kids with special needs and I am going to see if he can start in September and not wait until October. I have changed his medication schedule so that it will work better for school. We decreased his amount of formula per day to see if he will eat more orally. Things will start to become routine once we aren’t flying by the seat of our pants anymore.


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